Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Santa Clara Design

Wanted to let you all know about my Santa Clara Design Website as well as my new design blog. I'm excited to have a place to post about my favorite things (besides those running around my house right now!) - designs, fonts, logos, photography and other pretty things. And maybe if I get a fun project, I'll post the finished product there as well!

Friday, July 25, 2008

coolest thing EVER!!

Wordle has combined my three favorite things into one -
Design, words and fonts.

and it's free!

tomorrow, I'm going to have the kids do their own word list - should be fun! now, go and make your own, and then come back and post a comment to share!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

sweet, cute eyes

Colleen is "Sweet"
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I couldn't resist! I'm sure I'm the only one that wants to gaze at my daughter's photo all day long... but she's just so CUTE!! Look at those smiley eyes! She's not blinking... she's just smiling. That used to happen to me when when I was little. I'd smile and then couldn't see anymore! and if you click on the photo and look a bit closer, you'll see the little crinkle she gets on her nose when she gets when she REALLY smiles. There's no faking that! And that's a one-of-a-kind Colleen trait. No other Gulde's have that crinkle. Except maybe me...

Thanks for a great photo opp, Rachel!

my Colleen is "Sweet"

Colleen is "Sweet"
Originally uploaded by laurengulde
My dear friend Rachel (we go back way back to LLYC Summer Camp, 7th grade) hand stitched this for Colleen when she was born! She's truly very talented. Check out her AverageJaneCrafter Blog.

Thanks for being super creative and for being such a great friend! As you can tell, Colleen really likes her new duds!