Thursday, August 24, 2006


At the beginning of the summer, we went to Mom and Ronnie's condo at Port Aransas. We all had a great time. The kids enjoyed the beach very much, despite the seaweed! Emelie had the opportunity to become a mermaid for a few minutes!

Katherine decided that her favorite toys are any toy that is not a baby toy... thus you see her here eating Jonathan's shark.

Katherine and Curt

Katherine is sitting well, now and is very good at army crawling around the house. She is very speedy, so we have to be very careful about what we leave on the floor!

Curt woke Katherine up with the camera in her face!

Katherine fell asleep "standing up"...

Curt made Katherine the centerpiece of our kitchen during one of her naps...

Jonathan had a "boy party" and invited Dominic LeJeune, Richie Rychetsky, Michael and Joseph Pettibon. They had a blast, since I let them spread Jonathan's toys all around the house - I even help them!!

Emelie had a "girl party" at the end of the summer with Mary Pettibon, Kyra LeJeune and Hannah Valentino. They made friendship bracelets... it was very girlie indeed!

Back to school

Katherine is attempting to crawl. She rocks and rocks and then flings herself forward...

Emelie's first day of school in her cute new uniform. She's in first grade at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Bryan. She really likes it. Jonathan will be there next year for kindergarten. He's not doing any school this year, but we have 5 or 6 of his buddies over on Fridays to play and do crafts, read stories and do some ABC's work.... They all really enjoy it!

Well, the picture above is actually the sedond day - Feast of the Assumption, when they had to wear their dress uniform. The pics below are of the actual first day...

This one is hilarious... Curt was attempting to get Emelie to pose outside for some great, memorable school photos. She wasn't cooperating. Then, her ham of a brother came out and started posing, crossing his legs and pretending to smoke a pipe (great... that's what we get for watching so many episodes of Little House on the Prairie!!) Emelie was NOT happy with him...

Here is everyone in front of the school. These are the few good ones we got before Emelie got a whiff of the mulch in the garden behind her and pinched her nose shut!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Beginning of Summer

Katherine is just our little toy - I think she might be the most spoiled kid in America! At every moment she is awake, there is someone in front of her, talking, smiling, making goofy faces, jumping up and down, teaching her how to read, talk on walkie talkies, trying to braid her hair, showing her how to play star wars, or how to dance in a dance recital... just to name a few activities...
Katherine eats a fish...

We went with a group of friends to the Concert in the park to hear Trout Fishing in America... Jonathan perfected his "punch dancing". We also enjoyed a great day at Sea World, compliments of Grandpa Donohue!!

Jonathan's Spring Program

Jonathan had his spring program at the end of may. He enjoyed going to "school" two days a week at our parish's child development center. His teacher, Mrs. Tricia, was perfect for Jonathan. He invited her to come home with him to play dinosaurs several times! Jonathan doesn't know the definition of stage fright... he had a ball up on the stage, singing and dancing his heart out (his music teacher says he's got rhythm!!).

Jonathan and Michael Pettibon are a pair to be reckoned with! Their favorite games always include swords, running into things and wrestling... they weren't in the same class at school, but get together often to play at each other's homes.

Jonathan ate lunch with his friend Victoria. Victoria invited Jonathan to go on vacation with her this summer...

Jonathan, Daddy and the wonderful Mrs. Tricia