Saturday, February 27, 2010

who says a stick horse doesn't like to color?

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Monday, February 15, 2010

they make all things new...

So, I found this really great organizer system at Target the other day that I love: itso! They're priced reasonably and have all these cool little bins that fit inside each other and a neat flippy lid that Jonathan and I played with for a while. So I bought four of the organizer bins, thinking they could be useful in SO many ways.

Sure enough, my little girls can think up a use for just about anything...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

new blog...

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i love


He is my man. I am in awe of him.

He is calm. He is patient. He is funny in awkward moments. He can make the lonely guy in the room feel comfortable. He scrubs the bathtubs for me. He can talk to anyone.  He says a sincere thank you is the greatest reward he could ever get ~ and he means it. He knows the name of his janitor at work.  He prays at night while he pretends to be asleep. He has never said one unkind word about his parents. He wakes up and snuggles babies while I sleep like a rock. He can do things like replace breaks, build gates, wire a house for telephones, insulate our attic, etch glass and make gorgeous rosaries. He listens to hip hop music in the car when he's by himself. He volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House when he was growing up. He thinks I'm beautiful. During college, he worked the night shift at a gas station in the 'hood. He wants to go to space before he dies. He likes to listen to me talk. He went to a judge to have his name legally changed so his confirmation name would be on his diploma from Texas A&M. He taught our kids to say, "Thank you Mommy for this yummy dinner" no matter WHAT it really tastes like. He has the faith of a rock. When his cousin took in a little deaf girl, he learned sign language so he could talk to her. He bought an antique anvil from a guy in Houston and now they write emails back and forth. When Emelie was born, he held her ALL night long while I slept; he wouldn't put her down. He loves old books. He likes to give waiters a hard time at restaurants. He makes a mean martini. He's become friends with lady who runs the drive-through register at McDonald's. He remembers everything he learns. When he was a little boy, his grandmother looked at him sitting at her kitchen table and told his mom, "Take care of him. He's a deep one."

and he loves ME. perfectly.

Curt, you save me every time.

Friday, February 12, 2010



when you're not even 2, peaking under the table is a skill worthy of practicing daily...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

life is tough when you're avoiding bedtime...

bedtime is tough around our house. We're real nazis about it. I mean, when that clock hits 8 o'clock, you're OUTTA here!

No, I won't be finding any of my children hiding inside their Daddy's robe at 10:30 PM. Not me. And I definitely WON'T run and grab my camera and take 20 photos of them snuggling on the floor.