Monday, June 23, 2008

Mederic and Marie...

For the Laverty's...! Here's a couple of photos that Mederic emailed me of himself, Marie and Josephine. Look at her eyes!

...they should be on the cover of "French Family" magazine!

For the non-Laverty's... this is my French cousin Mederic, his wife Marie and their new baby.

Mom, you might forward this to the aunties!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I mentioned earlier one of my new favorite blogs... The Nesting Place. My friend Blair mentioned it once and I was so glad she did!

Yesterday she just about saved me from insanity with her imperfectly beautiful post.

If you are feeling out of control and like your home is a mess with no end in site... yet you long for your house to look like a page out of southern living, this is the post for you!

It's really a bunch of links to peoples IMPERFECT homes! Quite wonderful to see that other people get stuck in the mess of life sometime, just like me! You know, I'm the one who will throw things in the bedroom, stuff stuff in the closet when a friend calls to "stop by" in 10 minutes. And I think we all wonder at times, "is everyone faking it, or is it just me". ( I know I do!) Well, this post really answers THAT question! Enjoy the fellowship!!

Gifts on a Budget...

Sorry to just point you to someone else's blog, but I thought this was a great list of ideas...
The Nesting Place, one of my new favs, has a great post on Gifts on a Budget. Read and have fun thinking up cools things to give when you have lots of love, but little cash!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

stuff to make you think...

So, for the three of you that don't already read the St. Mary's blog on a daily basis, I wanted to pass along a few new posts that I just love. They're written by Sarah. Don't know her, but want to! Her writing is so beautiful, deep, clear and inspiring. She's one of those types that make you want to be holy!

Here are a few of her latest:



and more...

Also, Marcel at St. Mary's recently wrote up this great description of "Catholic Basics" which are "
short blurbs on why Catholics do what we do in the Mass for those who may not understand it fully." Even though I am Catholic, I really enjoyed and appreciated his clear and simple descriptions and the Scripture associated with each explanation. Good job, Marcel!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

okay, last one...

pretty emelie
Originally uploaded by laurengulde
Another of Emelie. Remember, if you want to spend even more time on your computer today, you can click on any of these to go to our flickr site to see everything...

Sorry to all you friends who see us every other day and know what my children look like... these were mainly for out-of-towners!!

pretty emelie

pretty emelie
Originally uploaded by laurengulde
If you knew how hard it was to get a good pic of Emelie smiling, you'd pay me for this one. I think most 8 year olds are that way! That's why I love these photos of Emelie so much. She's hard to catch, but when you take the time, it's worth it!!

my two guys...

Jonathan and Curt at graduation. Oh, and Colleen snuck in as well.

Some day I will blog on all the various and crazy ways that these two are alike. There is a reason that they call Jonathan "Curt, Jr."

Jonathan's kindergarten graduation

Here's one of all of us at graduation. It's just really hard to get a good photo of 6 people all at once. Separately we're dandy... all together... good luck!

I thought Emelie was hilarious in this one!

Emelie and her friends at the Reading Campout

Here's Emelie, Hannah, Celeste and Erin.They've all bee great friends since kindergarten!

Emelie is dressed up as Nancy Drew, and so is Erin. They decided that Emelie was Nancy Drew "sleuthing" and Erin was Nancy Drew "not sleuthing". So we could tell them apart...

Jonathan's kindergarten graduation

Here's another great shot from Jonathan's graduation. Who knows, maybe in 12 years we'll have another shot of all of these kiddos when they're 18!