Friday, June 02, 2006

Beginning of Summer

Katherine is just our little toy - I think she might be the most spoiled kid in America! At every moment she is awake, there is someone in front of her, talking, smiling, making goofy faces, jumping up and down, teaching her how to read, talk on walkie talkies, trying to braid her hair, showing her how to play star wars, or how to dance in a dance recital... just to name a few activities...
Katherine eats a fish...

We went with a group of friends to the Concert in the park to hear Trout Fishing in America... Jonathan perfected his "punch dancing". We also enjoyed a great day at Sea World, compliments of Grandpa Donohue!!

Jonathan's Spring Program

Jonathan had his spring program at the end of may. He enjoyed going to "school" two days a week at our parish's child development center. His teacher, Mrs. Tricia, was perfect for Jonathan. He invited her to come home with him to play dinosaurs several times! Jonathan doesn't know the definition of stage fright... he had a ball up on the stage, singing and dancing his heart out (his music teacher says he's got rhythm!!).

Jonathan and Michael Pettibon are a pair to be reckoned with! Their favorite games always include swords, running into things and wrestling... they weren't in the same class at school, but get together often to play at each other's homes.

Jonathan ate lunch with his friend Victoria. Victoria invited Jonathan to go on vacation with her this summer...

Jonathan, Daddy and the wonderful Mrs. Tricia

Emelie's Dance Recital

Emelie had her dance recital on May 26th... and she did and outstanding job. For her jazz dance, she was a zebra, a princess for ballet and, get this... she was an Aggie band member for her tap dance. Needless to say, the crowd went WILD when these little 6 year olds came marching on stage at Rudder Auditorium to the Aggie War Hymn!

It was a long day, but totally worth all the hard work Emelie put in and all of the patience that Jonathan contributed - at the recital, and all those afternoons sitting in the dance studio hallway for an hour and a half coloring in his spiderman coloring book! He's quite a fan. Katherine slept the entire time (thank goodness) except to wake with a start to all the "whooping" at the end of Emelie's Aggie dance!

Emelie and her zebra friend, Bethany.

Check out those ears!


A very tired ballerina

"Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field..."

In front of Rudder Fountain on the Texas A&M Campus.

Emelie's Kindergarten Graduation

Emelie graduated from kindergarten at the end of May. The school had a wonderful ceremony which was very touching. The children worked very hard to prepare their program and sang several songs for the crowd.

Emelie's Class...

Emelie's Teacher, Mrs. Runyon and Katherine

Emelie and Hannah after graduation!

Emelie and Jonathan

Emelie and her principal, Dr. Miranda

Emelie and her friends: Hannah, Celeste and Bryson

Emelie and Mrs. Runyon

Graduation Ceremony

Waiting for the Ceremony