Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanksgiving 2005

Backtracking a bit - we had a great Thanksgiving with the Gulde family this year. Mom and Dad Gulde came all the way from Florida, and we also had Chris & Karen with their boys and Lisa & Tony with their kids. While fitting everyone into our house was a challenge, we had such a great time, I can honestly say that I'd do it again!

It was great to have the cousins together, to watch them play to hear them talk about their life, their friends, their classes and to realize that (with a bit of awe) that once again their is another generation of classy Guldes has entered the world!

Anyway, Curt fried a turkey without burning down the house. We had a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows, some of the fam went to the t.u. game to see the Aggies get defeated once again. We watched movies, wrestled, ate lots of really unhealthy food, talked and played. Couldn't have been better

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