Thursday, January 31, 2008

getting ready for Lent... and Katherine eats turtle food

Been thinking about Lent, which starts next week, and hoping that my Lent can be somewhat productive! Since this baby girl of mine is due on Easter Sunday, I figure I'll either really get into Lent this year, or fine a million excuses to ignore it, since my body feels like it's going through a Lent of its own right now. Hopefully, I'll choose the former! Having a baby arrive at Easter really should provide me with the perfect opportunity to prepare, to give up, to anticipate and to perfect myself for her, and for Jesus.

My friend Marcel has a great post on his blog about Lent.
Lent 2008
More Lenten Resources

I hope you'll take a look at his great explanations of Lent and his numerous suggestions and ideas for making your Lent holy and productive!

I also want to add (later today, probably) my list of books I'd like to read or reread this Lent.

Oh, and yes, I went to the restroom this morning (I do that... I'm pregnant.). Not really an option there. I was gone all of 60 seconds.

I come into the kitchen and have that automatic, "where's Katherine and what is she doing" panic feeling that all moms know and trust.

Then, there she is, standing in the kitchen, holding Rocky's FREEZE DRIED SHRIMP container with little pieces of dried shrimp on her lips. I just screamed and flopped my arms around for a minute (I don't handle crisis well), wiped the shrimp off her lips and called Curt to find out if there is anything toxic in freeze dried shrimp. He says no. My Curt knows everything!

So now that I know that Katherine is tall enough to reach the counter, the shrimp food will be moving into a new residence in the upper cabinet.

Do things like this happen to anyone else, or just me???...

(I knew the turtle food tease would get you to read through the Lent part of the post! Yes, I am willing to humiliate myself for your spiritual good!)


Matt said...

I'm looking forward to your Lenten reading list. Our George is moving out of the eating everything stage and into the dessert-only stage, but your turtle-food story resonates with us.

veronica said...

oh yes, this happens every day. I know that panicked feeling well- It's why we bought her squeaky shoes and she wears then in the house.

But on occasion, I have found her playing in the toilet, getting discarded apple cores out of the trash, standing on top of the coffee table... do you feel better yet? ;)