Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bird's Eye view of Hong Kong

This is a pic that Curt took on the famous Singapore Airlines as he flew from Singapore to Shanghai, China the other day. It's not very clear, but it's my only proof that he's really on the other side of the world! He'll be back on Sunday: Mother's Day and Emelie's birthday. We can't wait to have him back!

He said that Singapore was really interesting and "disney-like" and that Shanghai is very dirty. He said that the Chinese caste system was very evident right from the time they got to the hotel. It was very clear at once that they considered the Americans to be very important and the hotel staff were not... I bet he'll come back and be even more thankful to live in this great country!

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Rich said...

The World Traveler!

That's a cool photo. Just like Curt....he always has an eye for "neat!". In fact, can't you just picture him saying, "Hey, that's neat! Let me get a picture of it."?