Friday, July 25, 2008

coolest thing EVER!!

Wordle has combined my three favorite things into one -
Design, words and fonts.

and it's free!

tomorrow, I'm going to have the kids do their own word list - should be fun! now, go and make your own, and then come back and post a comment to share!!


Julia said...

awwwww MAN! I was JUST headed to bed! Sighhh. Maybe I'll get to bed early tomorrow... ;) Thanks for sharing!!

Julia said...

How did you save it as an image? Do you have to become a subscriber? (Lovin this thing!)

lauren said...

You can either print to pdf or you can take a screen shot (fn key + the insert key on my computer) and then take it into a photo editing software to paste and crop. I'm sure Bronius can help you figure out a way. You can go here for more details.

Glad you like it!