Tuesday, September 02, 2008

first day of school 2008, two weeks late.

Aren't they CUTE!? And BIG!?

I have seen articles on "blog etiquette". I have purposely NOT read them, because I am sure it says something about not posting 3 blog posts in one day.

If I didn't post all these at once, they'd never get up!

So, you'll have to put up with me!! :)


SimmonsFamily said...

The true blog fans will read all three posts, Lauren!! Very cute pictures. I hope those mummies stay out of your backyard. When I was a kid, I was scared out of my mind of "Ghosts and goblins," until one day I can remember announcing that I was going to be friends with them. :)

veronica said...

I see nothing wrong with three posts in one day, and I will follow the etiquette of the Gulde blog.

Love the first day of school picture. Yes, they look so big! And precious.