Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another use for hot glue guns!

I amaze myself.

So, I've had this piece of glass in my foot for a few months. We broke something and thought we had cleaned it all up... but we hadn't and a tiny sliver ended up in my foot. I guess it "sunk in" and didn't hurt anymore and I didn't want to spend the $25 copay to have the doctor to dig it out.

Yesterday it started peeking out and HURTING. Curt tried to get it, but I'm a wimp and ran away.

So, I had an ingenious thought. Hot glue. I plugged in my hot glue gun, squirted a bit of hot glue on Jonathan's pencil and then slapped it on my foot on top of the glass. I let it cool and the peeled it off. Out came the glass!!!

I am so happy!!!

This also makes me a real Gulde. This is totally something Curt would have thought up. I'm surprised he hadn't already. But I did! Those Gulde traits are rubbing of on me, I tell ya!


Average Jane Crafter said...

OMG! This is brilliant! I love it!

I mean, I knew hot glue was craft supply supreme, but who knew it can also cure all ails!?

Fabulous! :)

SimmonsFamily said...

You guys are like McGyver, seriously. Do you remember that show?

Lara said...

Awesome. Wonder if it would work on ticks, too.