Monday, March 10, 2008


March 10, 2008 054
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So, I've been nesting in very impractical ways... rearranging furniture (not in the baby's room, since she doesn't even have one yet), cleaning out the refrigerator and sewing. I've been sewing bags.They ARE reversible and some even have pockets!! But they're very simple bags that don't even need a pattern. For some reason patterns scare me... something I hope to get over some day! So, I made one for me, a baby bag, one for Emelie and one for Jonathan. I made one for Katherine, but accidentally sewed the wrong side to the right side (do patterns keep this from happening??). So, I gave Jonathan his bag after school one day last week and he said:

"Wow Mom, this looks really good. I really like it! It looks really nice. Like YOU didn't even make it!"

Thanks son. I'm sure that's some sort of compliment.


Average Jane Crafter said...

Woohoo for crafty fun! I can't believe you can get sewing done with three kiddos and one on the way. You are amazing!

Julia said...

I love these!!! I am always looking around the house for library totes....will you plan to sell these??? :)