Monday, January 18, 2010

FREEBIES for those who need a break...

I have another creation for you all.

My sweet friend Beverly included a magnet in her Christmas card. I just loved the quote. I have put the magnet at eye-level on my refrigerator so that I MUST see it every time I get the creamer out early in the morning, when I get someone a cup of milk, when I'm going for the jelly at 11:45. Because this quote helps me - ALOT!

So, I thought you might like it, too. Unless you got Beverly's Christmas card, and have already been enjoying the magnet... then, you can ignore this post.

Here are the downloads. They are 5x7s. Hopefully you can print them out and scrounge around under your bed for a frame like I did, or you can shrink it down and make your own magnet.

or you can use this one:

Thanks, Pioneer Woman, for the lovely free flower photo!


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