Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sing it, girl!

Curt and I joke that one of our greatest fears is that one day Katherine will end up on American Idol.

We'll be those parents on the clip before her performance, reminiscing over cheesy background music, "oh yeah, she was like singin' since she came home from the hospital... just a born performer... we just luv her... she's got REAL talent" (say that with a good Texas drawl to get the full effect) Then, she'll win, get plastic surgery, die her hair black, date 5 men at once, move to L.A. and never talk to us again....

That was our fear, till today, when I saw this clip from American Idol. Now there's hope!

Maddie Curtis is the daughter of pro-life activist Barbara Curtis. You can follow her blog as well. What an amazing family! Thank you American Idol for portraying this family in a positive light!

Katherine, if you can pull if off like Maddie, then have at it!

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